“Emotionally Bankrupt”

May 23, 2010 @ 1:44 pm | By TheFeministGriote | 1 Comment

“I ain’t saying she a gold-digger but she ain’t messing with no broke______”. We all know the Kanye Song and to a certain degree both men and women agree on the lyrics. Women do not want broke men and most men do not want a broke woman, who is going to deplete him of his funds. So both sexes are in the capitalistic rat race. We are all looking for grade A cheese. The funny thing about all of this is that we are so consumed with the outward manifestation of wealth in our potential mates that we give no regard or second thought to their emotional wealth.

We all have encountered or dated a someone who is emotionally bankrupt. Someone who is unable to properly give or receive love. The type of person who only knows how to show “love” in a sexual way.  For those of us who have been in a toxic relationships like this we tend to internalize the issue and think,” maybe it’s me, maybe I am not loving hard enough”. Truth is it’s not you its them. Their inability to process and to respond to love has nothing to do with you, that issue was there before you entered their world.  More time and energy should be invested in learning your potential new mate not sizing up their net worth or future profitability factor.

You should make it an imperative to ask about their relationships with their family and observe those interactions. Healthy parents usually have healthy well adjusted children, but if your potential boo has major family issues you should really take that seriously. Our parents are our first lovers. Our families are our basic training for relationships, so if a person comes from a fractured home and has unresolved familial issues guess who is going to pay for them…YOU! The emotional wealth of your mate should be major concern to you, it will make loving them easier and more fulfilling. The only way to find out about their emotional well being is by asking questions, listening intently, watching, and allowing time to run its course.

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  1. I have had my share of people who were not well funded not saying I have it all but i have had my share. While the funds were low they made up for it emotionally and spiritually but when it came to commitment they were quick to give up when a problem arose. If there is an issue before you make it official and they give up its not worth trying to persue a relationship with them. You must be able to see some type of emotional and spiritual connection with the person and see that you all can continue to inspire each other and grow together. Then the financial part should come later. You can definately have a good time with out having to spend millions on the person at hand. People should be able learn from the experiences they see around them when it comes to family and figure out different ways to handle situations so that they can grow in that area. Lots of people say “I will never be like my parents”, and yet they do. Very few of us have accomplished this and some just dont completely accomplish it but they get pretty close. Looking past the flesh for a inner me, a inner you, and a deeper us.

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