“Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind”. Hellen Keller

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We have all heard the trite cliche about the world being “a small place”. Thanks to twitter and facebook the world has become that much more smaller. The whole six degrees of separation has become far more prevalent in all of our lives. With that said, we must all evaluate the part that we play in this small community of ours, that we call planet Earth. It is not enough to see yourself as an American, European, West Indian, or whatever title that you feel best surmises your identity. As 21st century people we must all view ourselves as “global citizens”. Terminology such as “third world country”, “third world people” and “illegal alien” needs to be erased and eradicated from our language.

Words have power and these type of words carry a negative psychological connotation. I am not an idealist. The fact is a country can have a third world economy. An economy that is based on an over inflated currency. The lack of economic stability causes major political unrest, malnourished children, and all other systemic issues that come with economic oppression, but all of those things do not diminish the value and the worth of  those citizens who are born in these countries. To call people third world, what exactly are we implying and what type of false superiority are we exerting by uttering such elitist words?

America is built solely on debt. If all of the countries that we are in debt too were to pull out their investments in America, we would surely find ourselves in third world status very quickly. America was founded by immigrants and now we must respect and value the contributions that immigrants add to this flourishing country. Often times immigrants will do jobs for wages that most Americans would scoff at. This separatist and elitist attitude that we have towards people who are from other countries we need to abolish it sooner than later. The world is changing and we must change with it and ultimately it means becoming a more tolerable and culturally sensitive world that excludes no one. Let go of the colonial lingo that was once used against you to your detriment.

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  1. as usual excellent and relevant!

    sometimes i wonder when the rest of society will realize that adjectives such as “third world”, “illegal”, and “alien” are 21st century “politically” correct equivalents to nigger. we should remember that the so called “n” word was a perfectly acceptable term for whites to use to refer to black americans. sometimes i want to be even more radical and resist calling our brown and black brothers and sister “immigrants”. you know we never refer to jim carrey, micheal j fox, or martin short as immigrants. all of whom are canadian born and “american” entertainers. we consider them as american as apple pie. however, i realize that these men have certain things going for them that most “immigrants” don’t have; white skin and money. and in the height of their popularity they offered a product for consumption; laughter, laughter to help us forget about the dysfunctions of american society and the suffering of the global world.

    unfortunately our black and brown brothers and sisters don’t have that to offer. as we see them mingle in everyday american life they are representations of the many issues that plague our global society. things we don’t want to be reminded of. they represent our greed and our lack of humanity. we don’t want to see that. so our solution is to “kick them out”, but without much consideration as to how valuable they are to our society.

    they are just as american as we are. the real owners of this land have been forced into “reservations” by aggressive strangers and asked to keep to themselves. we really need to check ourselves. underpaid people of color have always been the gears that keep this economy going. in fact, capitalism cannot sustain itself unless there are necks to be stepped on; harsh but true.

    politicians are using the american people as pawns. they have tapped into white american’s deeply engrained racist ideologies to secure a job that guarantees a six figure salary and endless access to social capital. other people of color are just as guilty. as we prance around on our high horses disillusioned by the unreal protection of our so called civil rights acts, we forget that not long ago we were in the same shoes. we continue to be in certain “shoes” they are just a different brand and color. it is disheartening to see the power structure be so successful at its divide and conquer tactics. the government acts in the interest of itself and the power elite not everyday people. recognize the game people. peace and blessing.

    @FeministGriote I love you!

  2. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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