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As a woman/feminist how long am I suppose to hate Chris Brown?

Jun 28, 2010 @ 4:39 pm | By TheFeministGriote | 7 Discussions

Last night June 27,2010  the BET awards show aired. Normally, I try and limit the amount of BET I watch, but last night I made an exception. I watched all four hours of the show. The show in itself was not horrible compared to recent … read more →

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“The Power of Self Naming”-TFG

Jun 21, 2010 @ 2:48 pm | By TheFeministGriote | 4 Discussions

” I am not a feminist. I am not a Black liberalist, Republican, Democrat. I am not anything. I’m human. I support things that have good intent and that I feel I vibrate with, that I resonate with”.-E.Babu from her interview with Vibe magazine June/July … read more →

The Black Woman a/k/a “Enemy of the State”

Jun 09, 2010 @ 11:44 am | By TheFeministGriote | 10 Discussions

“Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now. They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow … read more →

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“You’re never really a whole person if you remain silent”-Audre Lorde

Jun 02, 2010 @ 10:50 pm | By TheFeministGriote | Discuss This

“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavandar”-Alice Walker

I am TheFeministGriote and I am seeking to fill a void within the urban blogosphere. This website is about adding to the larger conversation that is going on in the world of politics and women. I … read more →

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“The only true liberator of women is EDUCATION not MARRIAGE!”-TFG

Jun 02, 2010 @ 12:00 pm | By TheFeministGriote | 4 Discussions

“Those that marry for money sell their liberty.”
– Proverb

As I watched Oprah today (6/1/2010)  as she interviewed the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, I could  not help but to feel sorry for her. Never mind, the fact that she tried to sell access to Prince … read more →

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