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The Feminist Griote “is your go-to feminist on all things pop-culture & critical.” This website was an idea that manifested because the Feminist Griote noticed a void  in the blogosphere. The Feminist Griote wanted to read about pop-culture, but wanted the critiques to be far more critical & nuanced. On May 2010,  TheFeministGriote.com was birthed. Although, she writes about pop-culture from a feminist gaze, she is not a pop-culture version of a feminist!

As a product of an HBCU, the Feminist Griote came into feminism formally through the writings and prose of Black women writers and scholars. Queering spaces, understandings, and ideas is something that TFG is dedicated to doing. TFG also coined the term “my intersections have intersections,” that is the lens that informs the writing and commentary of the this site.  TFG subscribes to the belief that feminism is a sociopolitical lens and because this site was started in 2010, TFG has undergone several radical changes in her politics. There are several posts on this site that the TFG no longer supports and would never espouse now. But in the spirit of being vulnerable, TFG has decided not to delete those posts doing so would alter the integrity of the site.  TFG believes that being an ally is a process and not an identity and the TFG also believes in the praxis of feminism, she has chosen to keep those problematic posts up on the site to serve as living archival reminder that feminism is about praxis and not theory. The more you practice feminism the more it changes you deepens your viewpoint and transactions with the world.

The Feminist Griote is dedicated to dismantling all isms-one blog post at a time!


In community,

The Feminist Griote

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