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The Feminist Griote “is your go-to feminist on all things pop-culture & critical.” This website was an idea that manifested because the Feminist Griote noticed a void  in the blogosphere. The Feminist Griote wanted to read about pop-culture, but wanted the critiques to be far more critical & nuanced. Two years ago May 2010,  TheFeministGriote.com was birthed. Although she writes about pop-culture from a feminist gaze, she is not a pop-culture version of a feminist!

As a product of an HBCU, that is where the Feminist Griote not only acquired her degree in English Literature, but she where also laid the foundation for the framework for her feminist ideals. The Feminist Griote is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work, so she can hone her skills as a fierce advocate, concentrating on women & queer issues. This blog fuses the best of both worlds for The Feminist Griote, her love of writing & her passion for humankind. The Feminist Griote is dedicated to dismantling all isms-one blog post at a time!

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