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Lutze B.  p/k/a TheFeministGriote is the creator of and the public intellectual that you love to follow on Twitter @FeministGriote. Lutze B. is frequently asked to speak to college and high school classes on issues concerning feminism and intersectionality. Also, Lutze B. has created consciousness raising groups to help non-profits better understand oppression, privilege, and how systems of oppression impact the level of service that non-profits are able to provide vulnerable populations.

Lutze B. is a first generation Haitian-American who is always thinking about her Blackness intersects with her hyphenated American status, those thoughts prompted her to coin the phrase, my intersections have intersectionsLutze B is the product of the only historical Black college in Miami, which is Florida Memorial University where she earned a degree in English Literature.  She also holds a Masters in Social Work, but Lutze B. is NOT your average social worker. The social work that Lutze B. practices is one that is rooted in a feminist, race conscious, and queer lens. Lutze B. is committed to queering spaces and understanding and that is why you should contact her so that she can facilitate a conversation, workshop, or staff retreat that will allow your students and organizations to go deeper.

Topics Lutze B. has spoken on include:

  • Feminism and intersectionality
  • Privilege 101 and beyond
  • LGBTQ 101 and beyond
  • Domestic Violence and the role of the Haitian church
  • Queering spaces and understanding
  • Feminism and social work

If there is a a unique topic that you want to be addressed with your school and organization that you would like Lutze B. to touch upon for your specific community, please contact her at You can inquire about pricing there as well.


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