Dear Baby Daddy’s stop complaining about how horrible your Baby Momma is, you chose her remember!

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We all know a dude who relentlessly complains about how horrible his “baby mother ” is and how she keeps him from his kid(s) and essentially blocks his ability to be an active participating father. Of course, I can admit that there are some hurtful women who use their children as pawns to make their “baby daddy” acquiesce to their every outlandish whim. I get that, but my question to men who insist on lamenting about how horrible their lives are because of their baby momma’s is why did you not take more precautions when you were “smashing”?

Women are always taught to protect themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy, but we are in the 21st century birth control needs to be insisted upon by both parties involved. A lot of men can avoid their wages being garnished and having to go back and forth to family court if they would have just insisted on practicing safe sex ALL THE TIME and not sometimes. The problem we are having is a failure to communicate. When you meet someone whether you are dating seriously, occasionally, or only meet up for casual sex it is compulsory that you verbalize what you want and expect from the “relationship”. Men need to commit to using condoms during every sexual act and also men need to get into the habit of encouraging their girlfriends or “smash buddy” to take birth control.

If more men lead the birth control conversation with their female sexual partners women would feel more supported and more inclined to stick to their birth control regiment. Also, men when women start giving you excuses on why they don’t like to take birth control refute their excuses one by one. If she tells you she is going to get fat, then encourage her to keep going to her doctor and ask for a pill or method that will not cause excessive weight or offer to work out with her so she can properly manage her weight and body issues. There is a host of different birth control pills and surely with research and open dialogue with your doctor or local women’s clinic a woman is bound to find one that will work with her body and her specific needs.

The problem with most relationships is that they are more reactive then proactive. As a man you need to speak to your sexual partner and find out where they are on the issue of kids. If kids is not in the near future of the relationship then all parties involved need to see to it that precautions are taken. Also, men need to realize that ┬ánot all women view abortion as an option therefore it becomes paramount that you carry your own condoms and once again ensure that you use them. In the heat of a sexual moment is not the proper time to be thinking. Lets be honest everything but thinking is going on at that time. Its not only about preventing unwanted pregnancy its also about living a healthy sexual lifestyle. Pregnancy can be the least of your worries what about DISEASE? Having casual unprotected sex with any random women comes with built in issues and pitfalls. If she is not good enough to raise your kid then maybe she is not good enough to sleep with either? Just a thought. Accidents don’t have to happen if you are using a condom and birth control surely both methods can’t fail YOU at the same time.

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  1. Of course I agree with the notion of safe sex and wise decision making of sexual mates, however I wouldn’t be truthful without saying that you’re expecting a lot from straight dudes. More than likely if a chick is a “baby mama” opposed to the “mother of a dude’s child”, then she was never really that important to him outside the arena of sex. So asking a dude to take the time to talk to her about custom birth control or excercising is a hopeless. Just about 80% of a conversation a dude spends with a girl is somewhat related to his quest to bed her, whether for thr first time or an additional time. However I do believe we’ll get better results if we push the idea of diseases as a product of unprotected sex rather than pregnancy, simply because there are MANY cultural and urban practices that insists that if a guy does certain things he can’t get a chick pregnant; yet there aren’t hardly any that combat the contraction of diseases. So if we use STD’s as a scare tactic instead of pregnancy then everyone would wrap it up.

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