“Flirting with Power”

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“Sexual freedom can be a smokescreen for how far we haven’t come”-Ariel Levy from the book  Female Chauvinist Pig

Every couple of years Disney unveils a new teen queen. This teen is always wholesome and becomes the pillar of tween fixation. As soon as these Disney Princesses grow tired and feel as if they want to exercise their power and independence they metamorphosis into a sex-pot. We saw this transformation in Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and now in Miley Cyrus. There is nothing inherently wrong with a woman tapping into her sexual prowess, but why is that whenever a woman wants to feel powerful she has to mimic a stripper/porn star?

Sexual freedom is not the tool that is going to get women respected and liberated around the globe. I can’t imagine women in war ridden impoverished countries viewing sex as the weapon that is going to ward off oppression, disease, rape, or genocide.  It is important that women get in touch with their sexual selves and take control of their bodies, but sexual power is not the only power that we women have. Women have been so objectified and exploited by men that somewhere down the line, women bought into the fallacy that if they control the exploitation of themselves then its completely acceptable.  Exploitation is wrong no matter who initiates it. If you are a stripper, porn star, or mimicking one that is your female prerogative and I respect that, but do not call it power your a merely flirting with the notion of power.

Women are heads of state, CEOs, and multi-millionaires even billionaires. The most famous billionaire is Oprah and she acquired her wealth on her own not through a marriage/man. With all these accomplishments under the universal garter belt of woman-hood women still have  long ways to go in the female liberation struggle. As women we need to go beneath the surface and realize we are more than just our anatomy. We have intelligence and should seek to rely on it liberating us rather than our vagina’s. Women in the mainstream are so fixated with the illusion of power that we think that strippers and porn stars have. We flirt with our attraction to it by taking pole fitness classes as if by climbing on the pole we too shall be endowed with the all the powers of strippers. Our bodies is not the gateway to autonomy and the promise land.  A woman’s mind is her greatest tool and aphrodisiac.

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2 Responses to “ “Flirting with Power” ”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I think that too many females are told (by other misinformed females) that the best weapon in their arsenal is their goodies. So they feel that going all stripper/pornstar-rific will give them all sorts of power and control. When in reality its the power of our mind that wins battles in the boardroom and even the bedroom.

  2. You’re absolutely right…I feel as if some women are so hooked on the idea of dominating men, that the only way they could make a man submissive is by dangling the “vagina” above their heads. Contrary to popular belief, men are not actually “dogs”, so you don’t gain power by making them drool. Secondly men of power have not gained it by sleeping their way up the ladder, so what sense does it make for women to do so.
    It takes brains and courage to get respect and power, not pole-dancing and the occasional blowjob. So put down the Cosmo’s and the self-help books and obtain your power like everyone else; with hardwork,determination, and maybe some insider trading (kidding).

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