Heterosexual Privilege: One of societies biggest fallacy

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As a feminist of color there are two things that seem to stalk me as I navigate through this capitalistic society and I am not talking about grace and mercy. I am referring to male privilege and white privilege. Although, these terms have become pop-culture buzz words, there is nothing trendy about male privilege and white privilege when its being invoked. White privilege is that thing that says its okay  to “hate” on Tiger Woods and demonize him for his extra marital affairs, but applaud the antics of Charlie Sheen whose spent millions on soliciting prostitutes, who is a functional junkie, and is a documented woman beater. Male privilege asserts the notion that Jay-Z can transcend his drug dealing past and become a respected businessman who hobnobs with the likes of Warren Buffet, but because Amber Rose was once a stripper she isn’t allowed to transcend her past and will forever be stigmatized by her past job choice. Pop-culture and politics provides enough fodder to dissect male/white privilege, but what about that other privilege, heterosexual privilege? Heterosexual privilege is equally as divisive and pungent as the other aforementioned isms.

This week news broke that on March 30, 2011 the legendary DJ Mister Cee whose a current DJ on Hot97 and former DJ of the Notorious B.I.G was arrested for public lewdness for engaging in a sexual act with a transvestite prostitute in a parked car. DJ Mister Cee has denied this allegation and chalked it up as the NYC hip-hop task force trying to smear his good name, but a NYPD rep confirmed the arrest with XXLMag.com. This is not the first time that Cee’s sexual appetites has been a topic of discussion. Back in 2007 when Wendy Williams was on radio she alluded to rumors of this kind regarding DJ Mister Cee. Yesterday morning as I was perusing twitter, I ran across a retweet that was originally tweeted by Antonia Carter a.k.a “Toya” Carter b.k.a Lil Wayne’s ex-wife. Toya tweeted that, “It breaks my heart to see kids under 18 Gay. “ Here are two isolated, but related events. Mister Cee is a victim of heterosexual privilege while Toya is a perpetrator of heterosexual privilege. Let’s examine both scenario’s closely.

Black twitter was in a frenzy over Mister Cee’s arrest. Hip-Hop heads were ready to have Mister Cee’s head on a platter because of his arrest which may imply that he is either a closeted gay man or closeted bi-sexual man. Never mind this is the same man who was the Associate Executive Producer of the hip-hop classic Ready to Die. He was Biggie’s DJ the man is hip-hop history personified. His only crime to me is getting caught being sexually serviced by the police and lying to his wife. The crime is not his sexual preference. Who DJ Mister Cee sleeps with doesn’t make him less of a stellar DJ or less of an authority within the realm of hip-hop, but heterosexual privilege doesn’t allow people like DJ Mister Cee to have an identity outside the man-woman paradigm. Then there is Toya Carter and her word vomit on twitter. Now in Toya’s defense when she realized her egregious mistake and Black twitter ascended on her and schooled her on the ABC’s of tolerance and what it takes for a young person to boldly live there life as an openly gay youth in America she quickly tweeted an apology, “1 thing about me is I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong..I was being very judgmental and that was a very ignorant statement.” Toya erased the insensitive tweet, but it was too late it had been retweeted by dozens, read by hundreds, and it was etched into the psyche’s of everyone that Toya Carter was a hypocrite. I know you may be thinking “how is Toya a hypocrite?” Toya became pregnant with Lil Wayne’s first child when they were both 14 years old. Which means at a young age Toya had identified her sexuality and expressed herself sexually and that expression manifested in her getting pregnant. Now as an adult woman Toya doesn’t understand how other young kids can have a concrete sexual identity formed that is opposite to the heterosexual identity she identified with very early in life? Classic hypocrisy and heterosexual privilege at play.

When will straight people understand that we don’t own the exclusive rights to love and happiness. The human race is not monolithic. We are an eclectic bunch. Some people are straight, gay, bi-sexual, and even asexual. We must stop acting like the world stops revolving when we find out that a famous person or our cousin is gay. Different doesn’t not mean deficient. We have created a culture where homophobia is allowed to thrive and that should not be the case. Everyone has the right to define themselves on their own terms. People also have a right to be private about their sexual proclivities if they so choose. Everyone doesn’t believe in making their sex life a conversation piece for public consumption. Marriage equality, love, sexual freedom , and the right to be comfortable in one’s skin is not a heterosexual privilege or right. It is a human right!

What do you think of heterosexual privilege?

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3 Responses to “ Heterosexual Privilege: One of societies biggest fallacy ”

  1. I completely agree. Heterosexual privilege remains unchecked because in large swathes of this country homophobia is tolerated and even encouraged. Though we know the tides are slowly changing, there will be those who cling to antiquated views and feel justified in them. The only way to fight it is to remain vigilant in calling it out. That’s why blogs like these are so important. Great post.

  2. Horldring Velcy | April 7, 2011 3:53 pm

    Very insightful indeed, mademoiselle. White/male privilege is so prevalent that it almost seems normal and nonexisting. so your article is kinda pulling us out of our reverie. we are so busy ignoring and undermining those issues that we did not see heterosexual privilege sneaking up on us. lol. I do believe that at one point we all were perpetrator of heterosexual privilege.(Similar to how most people believe that all whit peole have a dormant racist trait ingrained deep down.) but i digress, my point ia that the reason why most of us dismiss this issue is because we do not realize that even what seems to be insignificant to one may have great meaning to another. we take for granted what others are fighting for. (Or it could be as simple as the fact that we did not realize we were becoming part of a majority)
    Great job with your demonstration of Toya’s hypocrisy. gotta say i expected you to go another way. and, it is a great example of the many privileges we take for granted that others have to fight for.

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