I am not a Feminazi!

Apr 27, 2012 @ 11:23 am | By TheFeministGriote | 2 Comments

The term feminazi is one of those new pop-culture buzz words, that needs to find a corner any corner where it can go shrivel up and die in. The term was introduced to us by none other than Rush Limbaugh himself. The gift that keeps on giving to the feminist movement.

According to Wiki Feminazi  is used pejoratively by some U.S. conservatives to criticize feminists that they perceive as extreme. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term describes “an extreme or militant feminist”.

The mere fact that this word was popularized by Rush Limbaugh, and is used by right wing extremist, would be enough for it to be stricken forever, from my lexicon! But I understand that not all feminist are as hardcore as I am. The two major reasons why I have such disdain for the word is because every time I’ve heard it used in my cypher, it was being used by a self proclaimed feminist.  Secondly as a global citizen of the world why would I want to align myself even jokingly with Nazi’s?

My question to those who think the term feminazi is an appropriate term is when was the last time feminist tried to annihilate men or non feminist women? I don’t ever remember feminist committing genocidal atrocities on those who refused to adopt the political ideal of feminism.

Many women in their quest to seem ‘feminist friendly’ as to not scare men away have adopted language that is anything, but affirming which goes against the very core of feminism. I think it’s important for people who are actively engaged in a political movement such as feminism, revisit the definition, and occupy the language of  said movement if you will. Because when feminist start name calling other feminist it is a clear indication we feminists are moving away from our core values.

According to bell hooks, “[feminism] has the power to transform relationships so that alienation, competition, and dehumanization that characterize human interaction can be replaced with feelings of intimacy, mutuality, and camaraderie.”

Therefore a feminist calling another feminist a feminazi  is not using language that is transformative or uplifting of woman-centered relationships. If we resort to petty name calling then we are simply playing into the socialization models that we feminist women should be actively trying to dismantle.

The word feminazi is not a cool word. I don’t care what famous blogger’s use it. There should be no juxtaposition between the word femme and Nazi. Feminism is in no way dead, but we are definitely not making recruitment into the movement any more attractive by using self-depricating language. Feminism is suppose to challenge our socialization to make room for mental transformation, therefore think twice before using the word feminazi.

Remember words breed intent and shape reality.

What do you think of the word feminazi?


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2 Responses to “ I am not a Feminazi! ”

  1. I can’t stand the word, thank you!

  2. Feminazi is a pretty unambiguous case. Every aspect of it is problematic. But what about insults that belittle feminists for, say, being trans exclusionary or dismissing the situation of women who don’t neatly fit into certain narratives? For example, a feminist who’s activism revolves around the rights of sex workers describing herself as “NOT a radfem. I respect people’s agency and their choices.”

    RadFem is commonly understood (in the media, at least) to carry the same implications as feminazi. Should that word to be avoided or does the existence of radical feminism make it acceptable?

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