Let us resolve to do better. Some tips for 2012

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This is the last Saturday of the year. First & foremost hug yourself & love on you a little bit for making it another year. So many things have happened this year good, bad, & ugly, but here you are alive & well.You are able to read this post & that deserves a round-of-applause. The recession did not break you, although it tried its hardest to do so. You survived fluctuating gas prices, over priced food at the grocery store, & you also survived Kim Kardashian’s 72 day long marriage. You are a warrior!

As ‘first-world citizens’ we are obsessed with countdowns. Whether it be the music video channels counting down all the songs that provided the soundtrack of the current year, news outlets counting down the most horrific news stories, & of course the entertainment news outlets rehashing all the sad & ridiculous celebrity news that made our lives a bit more bearable. With that said, I have compiled my own list. In lieu of resolutions let us resolve to make lifestyle changes instead. I am opting instead to do more of the things that worked well for me in 2011 & abandoning those things that didn’t work.I have compiled a life list that anyone can use as a guide for 2012.Use only the advice that you need & that jives with your spirit & leave the rest.

1.Do stop giving credence to haters- The word “hater” has seeped into our lexicon & we as a people refuse to let our attachment to the word go. I personally do not believe that I have haters. I believe that I may have people who misunderstand me, my philosophy, & may disagree with me, but I do not perceive myself as having haters. Remember, whatever you focus on magnifies. Therefore if you perceive yourself as having people who hate you & you feed that energy, those type of people with hating characteristics will magically start to multiply in your life. Unless someone is paying a hit-man to off you, chances are it’s not that serious.

2.Do journal or find a creative outlet for yourself- I have always found writing therapeutic. Earlier this year I found an old journal & I cried profusely not because the content of the journal was sad, which it was, but because I was able to see my emotional growth. I was able to see my evolution as a person & that felt good. When I journal, I write about what is heavy on my mind at the time & I try to write often so that I am capturing all of my emotions. Journaling also helps me to keep track of those things that I am truly grateful for. In a world filled with noise it’s crucial that you make time for solitude & genuine self-reflection. That type of self-care is priceless in my humble opinion.

3.Do find time to be of service-Thanksgiving & Christmas seems to be the only time people volunteer or donate monetarily to the less fortunate. People go hungry in this great big country 365 days a year. With the recession still looming many people are learning to do much with very little. Do something for someone for the pure joy of doing. Next time you see that homeless person don’t scoff at them if you have a dollar give it without judgement, ask if they’re hungry, & if they’re do something about it. Next time you drive by an abortion clinic & you see the pro-life people with their disgusting signs stop your car & join the equally loud pro-choice side they always could use more voices. Next time your congressman or woman wants to strip Planned Parenthood of funding volunteer to help PP with one of their phone banks & if you can’t donate your time donate your money. The point is help a worthy cause all year round. Non-profits do a great job, but they also are being hit by the recession. The time to help is now!

4.Do participate in your own freedom-The occupy movements that have taken place globally proves that people are tired of being bamboozled & that apathy is no longer chic. As people who live in a democratic country our vote still counts for something, especially on a local level. Pay attention to your leaders & show your approval or disapproval by casting your vote.

5.Do find a way to break your addiction to big corporations- Although Mitt Romney said that, “corporations are people,” corporations don’t really serve the interest of the people & nor do they get punished the way we civilians do when we break the law. If you find out some damning information about a company you love & do business with & you can afford to stop doing business with them, by all means go for it. I have a very good friend who when she found out Rupert Murdoch owned the mobile game angry birds she stopped playing it immediately. This same friend has stopped eating at Chick-fil-a because they’re a very homophobic company. I have also stopped eating there &  plus, I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart for a bevy of reasons! These are small things, but these small things make a difference. If everyone really investigated the companies they think they can’t live without & protested these businesses with their wallets imagine the impact.

6.Do let go of the HO fallacy-I know many people may not agree with this, but it’s cool it needs to be said. Ladies & gentlemen there is no such thing as a HO! If you ask 5 people of their definition of a ho & what is the magic amorphous number of lovers that a woman must have to qualify as a ho, you will get 5 different answers & numbers. This is just another way of policing female sexuality. You have Steve Harvey demanding that women wait 90 days to consummate their relationship, if that is what you want to do then do that, but don’t do it because you are trying to keep the ho label off of you. The funny thing about this ho myth is that it’s mainly women who use this term haphazardly to label & to denigrate other women. Women have the right to explore their sexuality as they see fit. I don’t see the same type of scathing judgment being lorded over men. It’s not the 1930’s women like sex, enjoy sex, & like to be pleasured in a myriad of ways & if you take umbrage with that check yourself, your prudishness & your sexist beliefs.


Tweet Responsibly, watch reality television critically, & stop intellectualizing the foolishness that takes place in hip-hop!

 What is your lifestyle change that you will be implementing in the upcoming year & beyond? Share your thoughts…


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