Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

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It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance. ~Elizabeth Taylor

This summer I have fallen in love with movie going again. One of the movies that I absolutely enjoyed this summer was Inception. I love the concept, the imagery, the fashion in the movie its safe to say I am in love with every aspect of the movie, but what I loved the most about the movie was the fact that it did not have an awkward unnecessary sex scene. Have you ever watched a movie and you were so into it and then the director interjects the raunchiest ill placed sex scene and your left to wonder how in the world did the sex scene play into the larger plot or sub-plot of the movie?

Sex sells and there is no disputing that, but have you ever given thought to how sex is being sold to you and how detrimental that product placement could be to you?  Blacks makeup only 12% of the population within the U.S. but, according to CDC.gov  Blacks account for 51% of new HIV/AIDS diagnosis. As a reasonably educated person I find that percentage very daunting and wonder to myself how in the hell is that possible? Its the 21st century we have access to information, prevention, and resources. I remember learning about AIDS back in middle school and freshmen year of high school and for some reason I thought that by the time I became an “adult” HIV/AIDS would cease to exist like polio or leprosy. However it appears the more technologically advanced we become we  tend to go backwards in our fight against HIV/AIDS . AIDS is no longer a death sentence per se. People with AIDS are living active full lives. Although, people with AIDS are living seemingly normal lives it does not negate the fact that they’re dealing with a serious terminal illness for which there isn’t a cure for yet.

The responsibility of protecting ones self lies within you the individual. You must practice safe sex all the time, get tested regularly, and have the sex talk with your sexual partner, but even with that said we still have a very nonchalant attitude towards sex and I blame that on our media. The media has a very cavalier attitude about sex. When is the last time you were watching your favorite show or a great movie and the the actors stopped to put on a condom or discussed using a condom (go ahead I’m waiting?) I use to watch One Life to Live when I use to work at the bank it came on during my lunch break and most of the staff were junkies and I remember watching these beautiful men and women with perfect bodies engaging in steamy well orchestrated sex scenes and not once is there any mention or showing of a condom or even mention of birth control. I understand that television and movies is selling a fantasy, but they are also selling a dangerous fallacy.

Truth is we do not live in a post-HIV/AIDS society. We can’t act like we live in an AIDS free world. Reality and fantasy must be cognizant of that. Television and movies are not they only culprits when it comes to not acknowledging the beauty and power in safe sex music and literature also falls prey to not promoting safe sex. I have a very democratic ear when it comes to music, but I am a literary snob. I refuse to read Zane books or any other African-American books that seeks only to reinforce the gansta-ho-pimp paradigm. Zane does an excellent job in selling tantalizing sexual tales that church women love to read, but does she make mention of condom usage and do any of these authors who have a predominately female African-American readership take the time to encourage their readers through the characters to practice safer sex? African-American women are the biggest victims of HIV/AIDS. If every time we listen to music, watch a music video, movie, or television show and our subconscious is constantly being fed that unsafe “raw” sex is sexy then its no wonder that the HIV/AIDS cases are not declining among people of color.

I remember when it was chic to attack tobacco companies. Of course, I believe it was wrong for tobacco companies to target children in their ads, but at one point they were even trying to question the need to have actors smoke on screen because they felt that it would encourage smoking among teens, but if that is the case for lighting up on camera what about all the frivolous risky sex that young people and adults are subject to every time they turn on their television or watch a movie. The people we watch on the big screen are simulating sex not actually engaging in sex unless you are watching porn, which means there is no consequence for their reckless behavior on screen or in real life because its fake, but in real life if you continue to have unprotected sex you will contract a real life AIDS. I wonder how glamorous you will feel then?

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  1. Very interesting article! I love how you hold us accountable without castigating us as black people. I believe that the media IS the blame! We don’t understand just how powerful and subtle the images and words we hear actually affect our thinking!
    Black people are not the only victims of the media, but white people are viciously manipulated as well. Look at all the hate that’s being stirred up in white people!! It’s amazing, this media.
    But we have to fight against it. The best way is to turn off the crap and question EVERYTHING!!!
    We have to SEEK out the truth–even concerning sex and HIV/AIDS. We have to be suspicious and alert–it’s the only way to stay above all the media attacks and actually stay alive!! It has come to that.
    Sex is the biggest drug out there. It feels good and lulls us to sleep. Reading about it, doing it ourselves, listening to music about it. It can be deadly to be asleep in these times.
    Thanks for your post. I got you on my blogroll!

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