Lil Wayne’s not-so-inspirational music video “How to Love”

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Two words that I would never use to describe a Lil Wayne music video would be “inspirational” and “deep.” But sure enough on Wednesday Aug 24th when the video premiered, I woke up to bloggers and twitter folk hailing Weezy’s praises for his new video “How To Love.” I watched the music video and was not impressed actually, I was offended by the video. It was a cheesy after school special that overdosed on stereotypes for dramatic emphasis. A terrible song with an even more terrible visual message. Here are my reasons why:

The soft anti-abortion message…

It’s obvious that Lil Wayne does not believe in contraception of any kind. He had two children in one year by two different women that to me says that you are allergic to condoms. The video starts out with a woman about to get an abortion procedure done, but has a major change of heart and frantically jumps off the table in her hospital gown running away from the “evil abortion doctor” and his sidekick  the “evil abortion nurse.” That scene was dramatic for all the wrong reasons. I support a woman’s right to choose and a woman’s right to change her mind. Abortion is a serious decision for a woman to make that involves a bevy of emotions and the subject matter should be treated with care and consideration. Plus with the recent attacks on women’s right by tea party backed politicians, it makes me question what Lil Wayne was really trying to say with that particular opening scene.

Tired ass Stripper Myth…

Its 2011 why can’t we let the stripper myth die. Every woman who is an exotic dancer is not on the pole because she missed a few hugs growing up, had an absentee dad, or because she was molested. Molestation is a very heavy subject a crime that has long term effects on its victims. With that said, I am not inclined to believe that every woman who engages in the adult industry was a victim of such a physically and psychologically damaging crime. It’s akin to when homophobes assume that all gay men and lesbian women were victims of molestation which somehow explains their sexual orientation. These types of oversimplified logic is narrow-minded and unfair. There are a myriad of reasons why a woman would choose to be a stripper. Also to assume that a woman who becomes a stripper will later contract HIV is a gross exaggeration! Strippers are idolized by rappers. Strippers are referenced heavily in hip-hop lyrics, strippers are used as props in music videos, video girls are dressed to mimic and look like strippers, but these same rappers disrespect the very group of women they lust after. To put all strippers in the category that they all have father issues and that is why they are on the pole is absurd. In a world that does not offer women with small children low cost/universal daycare, in a world where men sire children with women and don’t stick around to help rear these same children, in a world where getting a college degree means signing up for a lifetime of debt, in a world where women are still underpaid to do the very same job as men we should not be quick to assign judgment to women who earn their money legally by being exotic dancers. The system that is supported by patriarchy that forces women to rely so heavily on their bodies to survive is the culprit!

Marriage is the cure all…

In the video it shows two different alternative life choices that the mother makes which changes the life of the protagonist  severely in the video. We see  the diseased stripper girl in scenario A has a different fate when her mother chooses to get married. All of the sudden the protagonist no longer is forced to live a life of a “hoe,” but she graduates beauty school (I guess college would be too much a major feat) and we see her happy. There seems to be a huge myth surrounding two-parent households. Growing up in a two-parent household does not eclipse you from hardships in life nor does that automatically ensure your success in life. A woman can have a man in the household and he can still be of no use to her or the children, abuse her children, abuse her, be a crack addict, or simply be emotionally unavailable to both her and her children. A father can be an absentee dad even when he is in the home full-time.  The institution of marriage does not have saving power built into it. Lil Wayne has four children with four different women and only married one of those women. Am I to assume that his children are intrinsically doomed because they are not a product of marriage? This is type of logic is comical.

The “How to Love” video is riddled with woman bashing. Bashing single mothers and bashing women who are strippers. Someone also needs to tell Lil Wayne that anyone  from any walk of life can contract HIV/AIDS. Lil Wayne seems to be great at procreating, but I am not sure if I would take love advice from a patriarchal terrorist like Weezy. That video was as deep as a kiddie pool!

By @FeministGriote

What did you think of the Lil Wayne video? Weigh in family…

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5 Responses to “ Lil Wayne’s not-so-inspirational music video “How to Love” ”

  1. Horldring Velcy | August 26, 2011 2:02 pm

    I just watched the video. lol. you are so right. what are people thinking? there’s absolutely nothing new in this video. Funny how wednesday we were discussing family rhetoric. basically how society views family as solely made up of a man, a woman, and children. and if anything else does not constitute of that, then it’s an abberation with huge consequences. anyway, huge waste of my time. now i’m late for class.

  2. @TheRealJecoby | August 26, 2011 5:30 pm

    I love this article, lots of truth

  3. PREACH!!!!!!!!!! That is all 🙂

  4. It just made me sad and angry that someone so ignorant weilds so much power over youth.

    Also I couldn’t believe the number of cliches he managed to get into a 5 minute video.

  5. If you were offended by this music video, you are obviously being extremely irrational and extreme with your feminism beliefs. Why don’t you research Lil’ Wayne lyrics and realize that he is totally in support of contraception. There are several songs on which he speaks of always using condoms. Having numerous children accidentally when you weren’t too smart would probably have that effect on someone. It’s not Lil’ Wayne in the video that decides not to have an abortion; it’s the woman in the story. It’s a fucking fictional story. The stripper scene doesn’t further a stereotype at all, as it is part of the fictional story. Furthermore, there are statistics to prove that women who were molested or had a dysfunctional, abusive house-hold end up dealing with drug addictions and a dysfunctional lifestyle as an adult. That is not to say that it ALWAYS happens but that it’s not uncommon. And in this story, the experiences from her childhood actually had an influence on her in the future. HIV can be contracted from being a stripper/prostitute and this video doesn’t say that it’s the only way. Your review of this video is full of biases, assumptions, and irrationality.

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