Nat’l Healthy Weight Week: Celebrate your body now

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 me @ 230 poundsThis is the third week of January and this is roundabout the time that many people start to abandon their resolutions. Losing weight is hard, but commitment to that goal is even harder.Especially, for us mere non-celebrity mortals who can’t afford a team that consists of a trainer, nutritionist, personal chef, and plastic surgeon. Going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle is a huge feat, but if you desire change you can have it. I hate to sound like an infomercial, but I truly believe in this.

The week of January 15-21 has been designated as National Healthy Weight Week. As a feminist this is positive body campaign that I can truly get behind. With us still being in the throes of the New Year, the diet commercials have been increasingly intense. As if women across the world need Janet Jackson telling them how to lose weight. It is no secret that Janet Jackson has had a tumultuous unhealthy relationship with food and her body, she is not a body image role model.¬†You can’t watch 5 minutes of television without your psyche being assailed with images and feelings that you are not enough and not worthy at the present size you currently are. Obesity is a serious national problem in this country. According to the CDC about one-third of the population is obese which accounts for 33.8% of Americans. As American’s we are definitely not being our optimum best, but I’m not sure if shaming folks and lying to them by using celebrity spokesperson’s is going to change the trend.

In May 2010, I embarked on a tough and emotionally taxing journey. I was on a one woman journey to “drop” some weight. After a year of major trials and errors, I dropped 50 pounds. On one hand it felt great, but on the other hand, I was very unfulfilled and unhappy. I was expecting to be over-the-moon with my excitement. I thought I would be singing “a new dawn a new day,” like Jennifer Hudson,but that elation never came.

After years of waging war on my body, judging my body harshly,and being overly critical of my body, I could not muster up the kind words to congratulate my body!

You see I was and am still very disconnected from my body. I’m constantly fighting to anchor myself in the belief that, I’m enough and beautiful now.I treat my body much better presently. I drink lots of water, I eat healthier foods, and I have divorced myself from processed fake foods. I’m respecting my body in that sense, but when I look in the mirror, I still see a 230 pound woman and that should not be the case. When I hear of other people dropping 50+ pounds, I think they’re warriors and deserve a parade in their honor, but for myself I can’t accept it. Through lots of journaling, inner mediation, and dialogue with others, I have finally uncovered the root. I’ve realized that I’ve convinced myself that if I feel good about my weight loss for a long period of time, and if I allow myself to get to comfortable in that happiness, I will balloon again and will lose all control-for good! This type of thinking is not positive or productive.

I have come to the epiphany that it’s not enough to feed my body good food or to exercise. I must speak kindly to my body and about my body. I can’t wait till I’m some magical dress size to really love and accept my body. I’m much healthier, much stronger, I have energy that I have never had before, and I need to celebrate that. I can’t allow the media and the fashion world to tell me when I am beautiful and enough. Let’s be honest they never had women like me in mind to begin with, therefore why kill myself for their acceptance. I’m still on my journey to a better me. I desire to drop 30 more pounds and gain more muscle. I want to live long and healthy and I want exercise to be a lifestyle for me not a fad. So on this week, I challenge you to look at your body and to really take the awesomeness of your body in. Thank your body for being cooperative and showing up for work everyday. If that is not enough then devise some positive body affirmations for yourself. Every time you want to criticize your body replace those negative words with a positive words.

Find your healthy goal weight and pursue it, change your relationship with food, and change how you view yourself. And more importantly love your body fiercely through every step of the journey.

How do you celebrate your body?

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