Ovaries the new weapons of mass destruction!

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If you are a self-proclaimed feminist such as myself last week was a scary week for us! It appeared that at every turn there was a strategic attack. With Osama Bin Laden dead, it appears that the female anatomy more so now than ever, has become public enemy #1 of our culture. Both pop-culture and politics have publicly declared war on women. The only phrase apt enough to describe last week would be, W-T-F! I have complied a roundup to recap the most egregious assaults on women that occurred.

Too-Short & The XXL debacle: Too-short recorded a video giving “fatherly” advice to young boys that XXL that was okay to publish on their site. This is what Too-short had to say:


“When you get to late middle school, early high school and you start feeling a certain way about the girls… I’m gonna tell you a couple tricks, A lot of the boys are going to be running around trying to get kisses from the girls… We’re going way past that. I’m taking you to the hole.You push her up against the wall,” he continued. “You take your finger and put a little spit on it and you stick your finger in her underwear.”

If that advice sounds a bit rape-ish in nature, it’s because Too-Short is indeed, advocating that young men physically assault their female peers. Pre-teens and teens are already curious about sex they are also inundated with misinformation about sex, therefore this type of “advice,” is not helping anyone. I currently work with pre-teens and teens and “consent” is not a word that gets used much within this age group. I have found myself on more than one occasion advising teenage boys on what consent is. Also one more than one occasion, I have heard stories from teenage boys, that sounded like an episode of Law & Order SVU. In this age group girls are not asked what they want. Girls are traded like commodities. Although, Too-Short offered a lackluster apology, the damage has already been done.

On 2/15 The GOP held a special hearing on contraception. Who knew birth control that is used my millions of women in America would warrant a congressional hearing? We are talking about birth control, not anabolic steroid usage of the masses. Rep Darrell Issa (R-Calif) led the coalition of tom foolery. The most absurd thing that transpired during the hearing was not the hearing itself, it was the fact that NO WOMEN WERE PRESENT! Those who were testifying were 5 religious men. Who holds a hearing on birth control sans women? When Issa was asked about this gender imbalance he simply responded, “the debate was about religious freedom, not reproductive rights and contraception.” Faulty GOP logic at it’s BEST!

Last and definitely not least the Virginia personhood bill. The state of Virginia has joined the growing line of states that is trying to assign personhood to an embryo. What this essentially means is that birth control would be considered illegal i.e. because birth control essentially stops an egg from being fertilized. At this present moment this bill has passed the House in VA, but needs to pass the VA senate. VA is also trying to pass a bill that would require women seeking an abortion to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound for no apparent medical reason. The state basically wants to force women to undergo forced penetration i.e. rape. As if to teach women a lesson for seeking an abortion. I thought Republicans were against ‘big government’ what is bigger and more invasive than the government funding unnecessary probes of a woman’s vagina.

Again there have been several assaults made on women’s rights. Women make up 52% of the population, but we are considered a “special interest group.” You have Too-Short advocating and trying to train mini-rapists and then you have politicians policing the female anatomy.  At this rate women collectively, women will start to show signs of PTSD, due to the unnecessary daily attacks on our personhood. There is no middle ground in misogyny let us not ever forget this!







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