Patriarchy & Panties

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I am sure most of you have heard of the horror-core group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (lovely name by the way) or OFWGKTA for short. If you haven’t heard of them lucky for you remain untainted if you can. This group is best known for its leader Tyler the Creator who is unabashedly homophobic in his lyrics and uses rape references one too many times for my taste. Then there is the more famous other guy in the group Frank Ocean whose mixtape, “Nostalgia Ultra” that  is actually good. “Odd Future” represents a fringe subculture within hip-hop. I am not into shock rap. I was never an Eminem fan for this very reason, I can’t listen to a man talk about killing his mother and the mother of his child. That is not music or entertainment to me. With that said, “Odd Future” makes Eminem looks like Mister Rogers at this point.

I never felt the need to write about “Odd Future” because to me they were a non-factor. I thought they were a fad that would have fizzled out by now. This past weekend, I had the misfortune of watching the video “Cocaine” by the only woman member of the group whose name is Syd tha Kid. Watching the video made me realize whether they’re a passing fad they’re dangerous! The music video starts off very innocently (feel free to google the video I refuse to post that filth on my feminist friendly site) two teenage lesbians at a carnival. A carnival, that is a cute safe place for a date. The two girls play carnival games, ride the carnival rides, and then its turns sinister. The teenage girls do a line of coke and then pop a pill. Then we see the girls in their drug induced state. At the end of the video Syd the Kid shoves the girl out of her car because she is unconscious and leaves her in the parking lot on the dirt.  You are left to wonder will someone help the girl who is unconscious or worse will someone help themselves to the girl?

There are several things wrong with the video. It is a schmoregesborg of foolishness! Female sexuality is used to promote innocence and draw you into watching the video. The song is horrible, but the visual is interesting and you want to see where it goes. You find out that there is no innocence there at all it was bait and you have officially fallen for the okie doke. As a feminist I have watched many videos that have made me cringe, that objectified women, and treated women like commodities. But I have never seen a video by a male artist who threw a woman away literally like she was trash. Syd tha Kid offers us a visual that leaves no ambiguity. She throws her date away like because who wants a potential corpse around that’s no fun. Patriarchy is so pervasive and so common that some lesbians now think that appropriating male chauvinist behavior is okay.

Syd tha Kid runs with a misogynist group of men therefore, I don’t expect her to be a card carrying member of the feminist movement. I do expect however her being Black, a woman, and lesbian a triple minority to be a little bit more aware of the plight of women in a male dominated society. The lines are now getting blurry. “Art is imitating life,” not only do some men hate women now there are some lesbians who hate women, but sleep with women.When does the cycle of woman-hating stop?

At some point we must stop blaming the music and the artist. Music is a mirror of society. There is an entire generation of women who love women who think it is okay to call women bitches, abuse them, and disrespect them. They learn this behavior from the men in their lives, men in pop-culture, and from the women in their lives who acquiesce to the rules of patriarchy. As long as women buy into patriarchy, patriarchy will always exist.

Last night BET aired Black Girls Rock and the overarching theme that was touched upon was the importance of sisterhood. As women we can’t allow ourselves to be silenced or erased. Violence against women is not “cool” its not “dope.” There is nothing artistic about throwing a woman away like trash. As women we know each other’s  struggle. Rape culture is real. The visual of Syd tha Kid throwing her date unto to the floor speaks volumes of how we discredit, discount, and dispose of women so easily in our society.



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  1. Wow. I haven’t seen the video and have only vaguely heard of Tyler the Creator. Frank Ocean, I do know. That said, based on your review I am not even slightly tempted to add to the “views” of that video by watching it. At all. I’ll take your esteemed word for it!

    What is there to say that you haven’t already said in this post? Not much but misogyny in the lesbian community is very real and is not at all new. The content of this video is not surprising because 1) Americans seem to thrive on “shock value” in art and 2) I take into consideration that droves of the masculine-identified lesbians are what I’d like to call “hyper-masculine” in their attitudes and actions. They adopt the patriarchal definitions of masculinity and then take it up a notch or two…or three. Many, many “butch” lesbians I know (and I know quite a few) have been “appropriating male chauvinist behavior” for years upon years. It is not just this generation of gay women who are like this; it may just be more obvious now because we live in a digital age where our global community is readily accessible to the masses via technology.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the reminder: Music is a mirror of society. My view is that it takes strength and determination to stand-up for something while others make fun of us or make comments. So many words we should agree not to use, videos, CDs and TV shows we should never be supporting and behavior we should never partake in, no matter if it makes us fit in better with a certain group. It’s sick because the behavior portrayed in videos is ingrained in us as acceptable. THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  3. I’ll start by saying I dig Odd Future. I love how they made their own way. I think Tyler is in the process of becoming a great businessman. I think Earl Sweatshirt’s wordplay is incredible and I like Syd tha Kyd’s beats. They’re a good example for young adults who want to be successful without censoring themselves.

    That being said, I watched the video before I read this post. Everything mentioned above was exactly how I felt while watching. I went from “What could be so disturbing about this?” to “Really, Syd? Really?” I should say the artist in me can appreciate OFWGKTA. The writer in me can appreciate and admire Sweatshirt’s compound rhyme ability..even though I wish it didn’t warrant a trigger warning before listening. I hate the fact that the r-word is used so heavily in their material and it was pretty disturbing to see Syd push the girl out of the car and leave her there. It’s almost like I knew what was coming next but was relieved when the video stopped when it did. I have been told I was gay because I am a guy who cringes every time the word is used around me. Rape culture is very much real. What’s also real is there are women who joke about it and condone it as well. I never thought I would see women adapt to said culture.

    Never say never , I suppose.

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