The Art of Cheating: The New American Exceptionalism

Aug 28, 2012 @ 10:10 am | By TheFeministGriote | 8 Comments

American exceptionalism is a political phrase that gets interjected into political talk all the time. American exceptionalism is the ideology that America is a place that was built on  liberty, equality, and democracy. America essentially is the promise land. American exceptionalism states that because America is so uniquely different from other countries we as America have both the unique duty and role to play in the world. In essence we are the standard in the world.

American exceptionalism and democracy is inextricably tied to one another, but in this new political climate I am not sure how long we American’s can taut our democracy as the most enviable system in the world. We are living in a society where democracy is being strategically and methodically eroded.  If we continue down this path we will be no different than “third-world countries.”  Cheating is the new American ideology and past time.

The housing market crash was predicated on cheating. People were allowed to do “no income verification” loans. So what you made only $18k as long as you had A1 credit you can get a 90% loan to value on your home or even purchase a rental property (this is not a hyperbole, I am an ex-banker). Athletes no longer have the prestige that they used to. With the myriad of athletes who have been stripped of medals or testified before Congress for cheating. The latest poster child for cheating is Lance Armstrong who has been stripped of all his titles. Lance is an interesting character. He hasn’t really said the words “yes I cheated,” the way in which Marion Jones has, he simply said he wasn’t going to fight the charges anymore. We will have to wait to see  if he ever utters the words.

But the most egregious example of cheating in our society is what’s going on pertaining to voter suppression. Essentially many States are trying to make voting a privilege, which means they’re placing barriers i.e. (poll taxes) to keep people from voting. Voter Suppression is essentially the Southern Strategy 2.0. The Southern Strategy, which was invoked by the Republican Party, was a fear tactic steeped in the racist ideology  that allowed Republicans to win Southern States by playing to the fears of racist white men who wanted to keep separate, but equal alive and well.

It’s 2012, therefore racist white men and women must be a little bit more reserved with their racism,  however these white men and women are doing what they’ve always done in American history which is use legislation to posit their racist ideals. If you let the GOP tell it voter fraud is rampant and needs to be stopped. The Brenan Center did an analysis on 250 cases that was seen by the Supreme court that alleged voter fraud was being committed, and found not one case proved to be legitimate. In essence the GOP is trying to prepare itself for a zombie apocalypse when there ain’t one to prepare for!

Purple=voter suppression passed Gold=voter suppression pending & yellow=voter suppression reversed.

Many States are tying to restrict early voting. For example, Secretary of Ohio State John Husted refuses to extend early voting hours until 7pm, be it weekdays, weekends, or three days prior to the general election. These strategic hours see to it that working people who don’t have the luxury of calling off or leaving work early are not accommodated. According to USA Today, President Obama won Ohio by 51% in 2008. Therefore we can’t take it for granted how these hours are being played with.

The fact of the matter is that whenever democracy can be tampered with, we all lose. As a country we lose the spirit and purity of what democracy truly is. Politics is very much a game that more often than not gets messy, but what makes American politics differ from Venezuela is that we don’t intimidate our voters. But it appears that soon there may be no distinction between us and the rest of the openly corrupt governments of the world.


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