The Camilla Parker Bowles Effect: Pretty isn’t everything!

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In America we do not have monarchies, but we are certainly obsessed with them. Since the announcement of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton nuptials we are briefed everyday by our “news” outlets about the wedding which will take place on April 29th. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Kanye has been invited to the nuptials, why not me? My first introduction to a real life princess growing up was Princess Diana. I always thought she was beautiful and impeccably well dressed. As I got older and learned about her tumultous life, Princess Diana taught me a valuable lesson that is still being echoed today by beautiful women who are in and out of the spotlight being pretty isn’t everything.

It was no secret that Prince Charles was carrying an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while he was married to Princess Diana . There was a part of me that never understood this. Princess Diana seemed to be the total package. Princess Diana was  brilliant, well dressed, and pretty, but yet Prince Charles was completely enamored with Camilla who was not half as chic and as gorgeous as Princess Diana. In my head I didn’t think it was possible for the pretty woman to “loose her man” to the not-so-pretty-other woman. This revelation both surprised me and gave me hope.

As an adult woman who has read some books, dated some men, and been exposed to a little more life, I now understand fully that looks aren’t everything.  The fashion industry, entertainment industry, and media still promote that beauty is everything and those who aren’t beautiful should do everything in their power to make themselves beautiful, but we thinking people know better. The importance of beauty has been engrained in some of people so much that it  has created a society filled with beautiful people who have only cultivated their looks and nothing else. This becomes a tragic character flaw that is anything, but attractive.

It appears that semi-attractive women seem to be winning in love and life over their pretty counterparts. For example Khloe Kardashian is always referred to as the less beautiful Kardashian. If Khloe were part of another family and wasn’t being constantly being compared to Kim and Khourney I am sure she would not be considered less attractive. Nonetheless, it appears that Khloe seems to be the happiest one among her two gorgeous siblings. Khloe is happily married to Lamar Odom and they appear to be making it work. Meanwhile, Kim is 30 childless and not yet married. A reality Kim herself seems to be shocked and confused about. It is no secret that Kim longs to be married with kids. Khourtney on the other hand has a child with her professional douche bag boyfriend Scott and that relationship is anything, but healthy. If we were tallying up points it appears that Khloe is winning.

Then of course we can take Halle Berry for example. Halle Berry is still considered extremely  beautiful and she seems to be defying the laws of aging. But Halle has been a victim of domestic violence, married to a sex addict, and is now involved in a messy custody battle. On the other hand, her “good friend” Oprah who may not be considered gorgeous by most people’s standards has been with Stedman for decades. What seems to be the problem with the pretty girls?

In my opinion men may like the idea of being with an insanely gorgeous woman and not know how to integrate the ideal with the real woman once they get with her.  It could be that pretty women didn’t take much time to cultivate their inner beauty and just simply banked on the outer beauty which may attribute to their failed relationships.  As women we need to be cognizant of the fact that there will always be someone younger, prettier, and more taut than us, but who we are on the inside is what truly attracts and keep our lovers coming back to us. More time needs to be spent on who we are internally. It’s nice to be well dressed in the latest fashions, but with what are we dressing our mind and souls with?

What do you think is pretty enough?

Speak your piece…

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4 Responses to “ The Camilla Parker Bowles Effect: Pretty isn’t everything! ”

  1. Funny my Mom and I were just talking about the royal wedding and the situation between Diana and Charles earlier today. My mother and I both concluded that while Diana was beautiful Charles fell in love with Camilla before he met Diana and wasn’t allowed by the Queen to be with her. Camilla was the woman that Charles could never give up because it was a true love affair of the heart. In love affairs of the heart looks don’t usually matter it is how that person makes you feel. Diana had no chance in winning his heart beauty or not because his heart belonged to another woman long before she met him.

    As far as this statement: “It could be that pretty women didn’t take much time to cultivate their inner beauty and just simply banked on the outer beauty which may attribute to their failed relationships.”

    While maybe some women might do that I highly doubt that most pretty women are banking on their looks alone. In my experience many of the prettiest women are insecure because everyone else makes a big deal about their looks. It is troubling when men only want to focus on your looks and can’t seem to accept that you are so much more than eye candy. Like with Kim K she is beautiful but she is also a very driven and dedicated business woman and that is intimidating to many men.

    Is pretty enough? Of course not.

  2. Great post! Not to say that there are no beautiful women with substance but after the pretty then what?? Diana as sweet as she was I’m sure was not who Charles wanted and that was obvious but she played the game and we see how that played out. I have never seen the Halle appeal because to me she is just fluff. (and I think she is a lil nutty probably having to do with her childhood) The Dash girls are additional media hype which plays into the whole beauty minus brains, damsel in distress always looking for a man foolishness. (oh yeah they are business women..whatever) They like us pretty in pink..breathy in voice..and dumbed down. Easier to handle..GRRR..thats Y one of my favorite songs (my theme song even) is Not A Pretty Girl by Ani DiFranco..she hits the nail on the head..check it out!

  3. HORLDRING VELCY | April 12, 2011 6:59 pm

    ABAS the Kardashians! I simply do not see why everyone seems to be infatuated or impressed with them. Tchiuuups. Anyway, i am more threathened by a smart woman than an attractive one. I am fully aware that beauty is only skindeep. “belle fleur sans odeur” that’s how my uncle describes beautiful women with no substance. I was raised to believe that being beautiful is not enough. Growing up in Haiti was a double challenge, because not only did i have to appear beautiful, i also had to be smart. I know here in America, people find it hard to believe in the two Bs, but in Haiti it is a common thing. To get into the best schools one needs to have a B average or above and be beautiful. The less beautiful (such as Chloe) have to have an A average. Honest. That is why in Haiti both males and females are encouraged and pushed to cultivate their minds. We can say that education and beauty rate way up in the list in Haiti. That is why a beautiful face means nothing to me. My weakness is a cultivated mind.

  4. Carole Heath | April 21, 2011 3:49 pm

    Beauty is not everything in life yes maybe to some people Diana was more beautiful than Camilla, as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Vivien Leigh was very beautiful in my opinion and Laurence Olivier was bowled over by her beauty he said so himself in a TV interview once, but their lives together was stormy and in the end they parted unfortunately. His next wife Joan Plowright was quite plain compaired with Vivien Leigh no disrespect to her meant. But i am sure she she completely different to Vivien Leigh in personality. But a person’s warmth and kindness are just as important as looks. I have known some really good looking men and women who are all outward exterior and no inward exterior and were very selfish people, of course everyone is different you can’t judge everyone the same can you.

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