The hate against Haitians is still ALIVE & WELL!

Dec 27, 2010 @ 10:40 am | By TheFeministGriote | 1 Comment

“DAM, I HAVENT BEEN HOME AT THIS HOUR IN 7 YEARS… WHAT DO I DO??” –DJ Cipha Sounds from his twitter account on the day  his “indefinite suspension” from Hot97 was announced.

If you did not know who DJ Cipha Sounds was before I am positive you can now point him out in a SVU police lineup at this point. Cipha Sounds has become the Don Imus of hip-hop after saying,“Thе reason I’m HIV negative іѕ bесаυѕе I don’t mess wіth Haitian girls.” This is the joke and the safe sex tip of the day that DJ Cipha Sounds offered on the New York radio station Hot97, which last time I checked New York has an enormous Haitian population second to my city Miami. When I read the quote and later listened to the audio of these disgusting words I was not shocked not in the least.  If you follow me on twitter @FeministGriote or have read my past work I always talk about the way certain African Americans and other ethnic groups always seem to be united on their hatred for Haitians.

I remember growing up and hearing stories of suicides among  young Haitians and hearing jokes from the African American kids saying that we Haitians “eat cat,” which I am sure must taste very similar to chitterlings both of which I have never had the pleasure of feasting on. Also who can forget the ever famous H.B.O Haitian body odor. This is the culture I grew up in and was forced to navigate through on a daily basis. I can remember vividly as a child walking around with the fear that maybe today will be the day I have to fight someone for saying some ignorant shit about my culture. I had a chip on my shoulder about life before I even got my first menstrual cycle. Needless to say I was an apt pupil in the school of the hard knocks. Haitians in my opinion are the least respected ethnic group next to the Muslims for the exception of during the height of the 9/11 islamophobia. This may sound as if I am exaggerating, but when young people will deny their family, culture, and anything remotely close to Haitian for survival purposes then the example is well within context. I can never recall a time when I felt truly respected and valued as a Haitian-American hybrid and Cipha Sounds comments further proved how low on the food-chain we Haitians still seem to find ourselves. There is still a mountain of misunderstanding surrounding Haitian culture there are so many unsubstantiated theories by google philosophers that would have you to believe that Haitians are the progenitors of  HIV/AIDS. AIDS is killing so many people within the Black community we do not need to further perpetuate the miseducation about HIV/AIDS.

Cipha Sounds said he has “love” for the Haitians and West Indian community because every time before he deejay’s he says, “sak pase!” WHAT?!  Just because you say sak pase does not make you an ally or lover of Haitian culture and of its people. Cipha Sounds also seems to think because he donated to the Haiti relief effort after the earthquake then that automatically makes him a friend and not a foe. When whites went to Africa and carted Africans away to America and to the West Indies for slavery purposes “they” too thought they were doing us savage Blacks a favor and God’s work. The moral of the story is that you can be a closet bigot while doing seemingly nice things for the “others.” No one really respects or understands the identity crisis that so many of us Haitian-Americans have suffered through.Hatred towards Haitians is so second nature too so many people that it is almost hard to recognize it even when it is so blatant like in the case of Cipha Sounds comments. Our society breeds people like Cipha Sounds who think it is okay to make jokes about ethnic groups, diseases, and whatever else appears to be “funny” at the time. Truth of the matter hatred against Haitians is the very reason many Haitians I personally know “came out” the Haitian closet after high school. Haitians were so brutalized and highly stigmatized that those who had last names similar to that of Bahamians “passed” for Bahamians or those who had features that could “pass” for Dominicans or had inconspicuous last names “passed” for everything other than what they truly were which was Haitian.

Like DJ Charlemagne said Cipha Sounds “suspension” is a joke because its the holiday season and most major DJ’s are on vacation during the holiday’s anyway. I do agree with Hot97 that Cipha Sounds  needs sensitivity training a class he has been ordered to undertake, but I honestly want to tell Cipha Sounds thank you for reminding non-Haitians and some complacent Haitians who think they have transcended being Haitian that the hatred against Haitians is still alive and well!

Speak your PEACE! What do you think?!

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  1. I’m not agreeing with what he said (especially not in these times b/c everyone is suspect) but when HIV/AIDS first hit the scene & no one knew much about it even in the medical community. Medical professionals were warned to avoid the 4H’s: heroin (& IV drug users), homosexuals, hemopheliacs, & haitians. I actually see it the other way around as African Americans are looked down upon amongst West Indian cultures as “Yankees”. Even American born Carribean people seemed to be ashamed to be American.

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