“The only true liberator of women is EDUCATION not MARRIAGE!”-TFG

Jun 02, 2010 @ 12:00 pm | By TheFeministGriote | 4 Comments

“Those that marry for money sell their liberty.”
– Proverb

As I watched Oprah today (6/1/2010)  as she interviewed the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, I could  not help but to feel sorry for her. Never mind, the fact that she tried to sell access to Prince Andrew which would ultimately give one potential access to the royal family. No, I did not feel sorry for her because she was caught on tape slightly inebriated and pathetic betraying her ex-royal family and country. I felt sorry for Sarah Ferguson because she represents a growing number of women who believe that marrying into the status quo will “make” them. During the interview Oprah asked The Duchess to confirm if it is true that she only receives $20k a year as part of her divorce settlement (A worker at any fast food restaurant out earns the Duchess). The Duchess replied due to her confidentiality clause of the divorce that she was not at liberty to respond, but I as I was doing my research for this piece every major online news source is quoting her divorce settlement is somewhere in the ballpark of $15k. Nas’s ex wife Kelis gets more in alimony than she does &  Nas’s net worth is nowhere near that of a member of the royal family.

Since the dawn of man, women have always been attracted to powerful wealthy men. The garbage man has no groupies nor does the post man but athletes, actors, and public figures do because these men have money or have access and potential to make a great deal of money. Many women see marriage or having a baby by a wealthy man the meal ticket out of a life of poverty and average.  With iron clad pre-nuptial agreements the dream of a big payoff may not come to fruition. Well, what happens when you marry up, but when he divorces you, you are back to eating top ramen.

Women are heads of states all over the world, women are shattering glass ceilings everyday in the business sector, a woman is able to transcend her now by investing in her tomorrow through education, with all of  that said most women are looking to marriage and their ability to procreate to give them financial independence why?  Education is the only key and guarantee that a human being can bet on, but more importantly as women education will never fail us. Your marriage can fail, your divorce settlement may fail you, your kids can fail you, your looks will eventually fade, but your intelligence will open doors for you that your open legs can’t!  There are numerous women who have made a fortune from divorce Ivanka Trump, Juanita Jordan, and Elin Woods will soon join this illustrious group of uber rich divorcees but money cannot be everything ladies.  The most powerful women in the world became so by dominating their field of interests not by tricking a man into marriage or paternity. Oprah, J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter author), and Meg Whitman former CEO of ebay. If men can make their fortune through hard work and risk why must we women always revert to what we know best marriage or dating up. If as women we put more time and effort into our education and passions as we do in trying to plot & scheme on men’s wealth there would be more self made female millionaires and billionaires.

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