The Tea Party p/k/a The GOP same political brew

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“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” ~Plato

Its midterm election season and if your a political junkie like me this is Christmas come early for us. This November election one-third of U.S. Senate is up for elections as well the entire House of Representatives is up for reelection. Unlike, the presidential elections midterm elections have no delegate interference which means no electoral college involved in essence your vote truly does count. My fear this year is that democrats both moderate and conservative are so apathetic that they may sit the midterm elections out.

Since the election of the first Black president America has taken a weird over zealous racist turn that is disguised  under the veil of patriotism and conservatism. Islamophobia is becoming more rampant, FOX news has given up on journalism and solely spews right wing propaganda, and  Sarah Palin is now considered the leading republican leader. America the great has fallen into the hands of the ignorant and out of the depths of this ignorance a new movement has given birth. The Tea Party is the love child that was conceived by the GOP and right wing nut jobs. Although the Tea Party likes to claim that it is not a faction of the GOP, it is almost impossible to believe that because if you go on the official tea party website they state plainly that there mission is to get conservative Republicans elected around the country. I love politics and I applaud anyone who engages politically, but it appears that only the hater mongers and those on the extreme right seem to be the only vocal, active, and engaged ones.

According to a poll that Time magazine conducted 24% of Americans actually believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Now if he were Muslim it would not be a problem because nowhere in the constitution does it state that the President of the United States must be a christian, but I think after the Pastor Jeremiah Wright  debacle who according to my last check is a Baptist preacher and not an Imam the country should be able to resoundingly agree that President Obama is a christian. Of course we cannot forget the “birthers” this is the extremely intelligent group of people who still aren’t convinced that President Obama is an actual American citizen. I find it hard to believe that the United States of America did a lazy job on fact checking President Obama’s application for presidency something tells me that the United States government did a thorough check before allowing Mr. Obama the clearance to run.

All of these outlandish and extremist thoughts have yet to be repudiated by the GOP. Most people who hold these extreme views are part of the Tea Party and these people are galvanized and are very serious about getting their candidates elected. Its imperative that as people of color and concerned citizens that we show up to the polls for the midterm elections. I remember back in 2008 when Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Kevin Liles came to my school Florida Memorial University and they were there giving us a pep talk and basically trying to motivate us to go vote. I remember thinking wow, I am so happy to see one of my  favorite rappers of all time Jay-Z at my school, but I also thought it was sad that my generation and people younger than me have to bribed and prodded by celebrities in order for us to practice a right that is given to every American citizen. Fast forward to 2010 no one really pays attention to midterm elections which is ironic because midterm elections have more impact on our daily lives than presidential elections do. If the tea party can get behind crazy right wing foolish ideas then its imperative that we rationale thinking people not underestimate the power of the Tea Party we must show up and vote.  The democrats can’t change eight years in two years that is an impossible request, but the GOP which should be called the party of “No” is not offering any alternatives other than NO. To use the ridiculous and grossly exaggerated slogan that Diddy coined “VOTE OR DIE”  in this trying political climate those words seem more truer now more then ever. We need to vote this upcoming November 2nd. Get to know the candidates who are running in your respective jurisdiction. Vote if your mad, vote if your disgusted, vote if your scared, but no matter what you do VOTE we can’t afford to go back to the Bush regime era when Republicans ran the show. The nation cannot afford to cash that check!

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  1. Andrew J.Julius | September 23, 2010 4:27 pm

    I really like this post. Not onl because I consider myself a “political junkie” as you call us but due-to-the-fact that it shines light on what is truely going on in this political season. There is a wave of phobias that seem to take over what could really be nothing more then a peaceful elcetion. And if you ask me, the Ultra-Conservative Tea Party has really exacerbate the DADT policy, the belife that President Obama is not an Amercain Citizen and etc. Causing those of us who are Reb. to not even want to vote for them. Now on the other hand we can not only blame the Tea Party. Because the Dems. have not came with any type of counter attack to these alligations. Which can either hurt them or help them in the long run.

    But all in all this is a really good post and i very much enjoyed reading it.

    Peace, Love, & Happiness

  2. I agree that Dems have not forcefully & tactfully counteracted the Republicans & Tea Party enough. With that said, being that out great nation operates heavily/solely on a two-party system I think its imperative that one party remains rationale. I really think as we get closer to midterm election Dems will become more forceful & vocal. Thanks Bishop for the response.

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