Violence against women is NO laughing matter!

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I recently ran across a facebook page that had me flabbergasted. I would venture to say that 80% of the pages people “like” on facebook is either offensive, sexist, or downright stupid, but the recent page I stumbled upon really took the cake. It fell into all three categories. The name of the page is “1-800-Choke-Dat-Hoe.”  It currently has over 300k “likes” meanwhile my fan page has less than 150(bitter). The default picture of the page is a staple character from the Madea franchise. Based on the comments on the page and a brief conversation I had with someone who saw Perry’s recent movie the title of the facebook page comes directly  from a “joke” that was in the movie. I think it is very important that all minorities and ethnic groups have positive representation of themselves in the media, but if the only version of myself that appears in film is that of a coon then I, in good consciousness can’t support that type representation. So in essence I no longer support Tyler Perry films. There is an overwhelming group of black folks who love Tyler Perry and don’t find his humor and stereotypical portrayal of Black men and women offensive. To each his own, but based on this recent facebook page once again Tyler Perry and his faithful minions have pushed me over the edge.

There is nothing comical about the abuse of women. The fact is that in this world violence is a problem. Whether it be violence among countrymen, nations, between parents and children, or in intimate relationships violence is always looming among us. Unfortunately women are usually the casualties and recipients of this violence. Here are the harden facts about domestic violence that I got from the National Coalition against domestic violence (

Fact: One out of four women will experience domestic violence

Fact: An estimated 1.3 million are victims of assault by an intimate partner each year

Fact: 85% of domestic violence victims are women

Fact: Most cases of domestic violence cases are never reported to the police.

There is absolutely nothing funny about these facts. When I clicked on the page “1-800-choke-dat-hoe” to which several of my facebook “friends” have liked I immediately went to the about section. The about sections reads: “Helping out all the baby daddy’s in the world with there baby mama issues.” So in essence this page is promoting violence against women. It’s okay to “choke dat hoe” if said hoe gets out of line, really? Folks when are we going to grow up and realize that what you entertain speaks volumes about who you are?

This type of humor says its okay for men and women in intimate relationships to use violence to get their way or make a point. Violence is never the answer nor is it ever funny. I know many people will think and say  “oh its just a joke lighten up,” but 1.3 million people are getting choked, slapped, beat, and stomped on every year by someone close to them and something tells me that they would not find Tyler Perry’s joke the least bit funny.

At what point will our society evolve into a society that doesn’t think and act primitively. Every time we make light of domestic violence, rape, racism, sexism, or any other ism we desensitize ourselves and regress as a society. Violence isn’t funny no matter how you package it and try to sell it we need to rise above the influence!

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