“What happened to Memorial Day?”

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“This is a cold war you better know what your fighting for This is a cold war do you know what your fighting for”-Jonalle Monae from the song “Cold War”

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Those of you who are “cool” or ” chic” will be headed to either Miami, Vegas, or Myrtle Beach, or any of the popular Memorial Day hot spots. As hard working Americans we all need an excuse to be off from work and engage in our favorite American past time of grilling. With that said have we forgotten why the Banks, public schools, and most of our jobs are closed on the last Monday in May?

Memorial Day commemorates all the soldiers who have lost their lives in battle. For the past eight years we have been in two wars one in Iraq and the other in the Afghanistan.  With two active wars going on Memorial Day takes on a different meaning. It’s safe to say that we all know one person who is actively serving or has died in service. If you have not been personally affected then I am sure you know someone who has. With that said,  when did Memorial Day weekend turn into an excuse to lose all your inhibitions? If you are fortunate or unfortunate to ever have experienced Memorial Day in Miami which should be called HEDONISM ON STEROIDS,  you have witnessed men acting like primates in heat and the women are baring their souls literally and figuratively seeking all the wrong male attention, it makes me wonder if this the appropriate way to celebrate this national day of mourning which in essence is what Memorial Day is.

Neither congress or President Obama has a definitive or realistic date of when America will start to pull troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan. The country is divided on how we should handle the war, whether or not we should increase our presence in these two countries, and how to safely reduce our military presence. Although, politically we are divided on these two wars we can all agree that our service men and women need our prayers, support, and unwavering loyalty. They are defending our liberties. So, this weekend when you pull out the grill or when you travel to the beach or club remember our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives, the ones who have come back maimed, and those who are praying that they too can partake in normal activities we take for granted everyday. I am not saying not to party or not to enjoy yourself but remember the purpose of Memorial DAY!

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  1. Its amazing how we as people fight for things and people and once they are accomplished we lose sight and focus on the things at hand. Its important that we educate each other on the importance of days like this and not just look at them as another free day off from work or school. We should embrace the accomplishments or our people and thank them on a daily basis and set out to conqour our own goals and change this world.

  2. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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