Women’s Month is over, now what?!

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Like most feminist, I thoroughly enjoyed the month of March. March is that special month set aside to highlight and celebrate the awesomeness of Women and our contributions to the world as a whole. Almost every college campus worth its accreditation celebrated Women’s Month. Social media has helped spread the awareness of the celebration of Women’s Month and allowed women across the globe to share, celebrate, and uplift one another. With that said March has also been a very active Month. The GOP is constantly drawing a new line in the war against women and continues to the fight to co-opt the uterus and the reproductive choices of Women in America!

During the Month of February and  March I have had the pleasure of putting my  theory of feminism into praxis by volunteering  at several phone banks being conducted my Planned Parenthood, participating in Clinic defense as a clinic escort, and standing on the corner of Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s office in Miami to let my feminist voice be heard! Women’s Month is officially over but will our zest and solidarity also take a back seat till next March?  The days of being a closet feminist are over. The elected officials of the GOP have decided not to focus their efforts on the myriad of pressing issues that have an adverse effect on the American people, but it has decided that a woman’s right to choose is the enemy that needs to be destroyed. When the GOP is not searching for Obama’s birth certificate they’re seeking to turn back the clock on women’s rights and force women into back alley abortions with a wire hanger.

If the GOP is not ashamed to publicly identify with their hatred of women and our rights, why is it then that so many women fear joining the movement or identifying with it? Of course there are those who do happily identify with feminism and think this gives them a free pass to appropriate male chauvinism and essentially become female chauvinist pigs. Feminism is not about hating men or appropriating male behavior. Feminism is a political movement and ideology. Like any other movement it takes work, volunteerism, money, and more importantly it takes you and needs you in order to survive and thrive. We cannot be ashamed to publicly stand with Planned Parenthood, we cannot be ashamed to call out patriarchy when we see it, and most importantly we should not feel “bad” for wanting equality.

We must advocate for our vagina’s and we must be willing to denounce any elected official who wants to declare war on the reproductive rights of women. Also we should not open our legs to men who support the notion that women are less than and not smart enough to make decisions about their own bodies. Yes, it is that serious. Any man who cannot respect my vagina and its right has no right to experience my vagina and its pleasures.  Men also need to be joining this fight. The oppression of women directly affects men. As long as the GOP continues to declare war on women then I will c0ntinue to advocate and blog about the struggle. Its time out for women reaping the benefits of feminism without putting in the work and it is also timeout for feminists who think they  own the movement and can only grant membership to those women who solely agree with them on every feminist issue/point. The war on women is real, it not an illusion. Although, we all cannot be on the front lines of the war we can all do something. We can call our Senators, we can send our elected officials emails, we can choose to vote in favor of our vagina’s, we can disassociate ourselves romantically and politically with men who seek to oppress us, we can become better representatives of feminism, we can educate our fellow sisters about the movement, we can do a plethora of things, but we cannot afford to let someone else handle it. Every woman who openly or secretly identifies with feminism has a responsibility to fight for the rights all of other women. Although, these recent attacks on women would only further victimize poor women of all races, rich and privilege women play a pivotal role and can help their poor counterparts.  Women’s Month is over, but there are still battles to be won. Join the fight!

Speak you piece. What keeps you from put your politics into practice or what keeps you from identifying with feminism?

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